The Big Bug Show (also know as Big Bug Stage) is a place where Lingo and his bug friends lives. It has a same as the online game on the CBeebies site that launched in 2011. It can be played at (As long as you live in UK). In the second update of the game, Lieb is introduced.

The Big Bug show close

Physical Appearance Edit

The Big Bug show open

If it's closed, the Big Bug Show has red with a four yellow stars and the trumpet at the middle side. It has two pinwheel and the gold at bottom down with two wheels.

If it's open, it has many lights, the wings at the back on the side. The logo and the wooden floor with three lights. And three stars was at the bottom.

Big Bug Show (game)Edit

In the game, they are many different types of game. All the bugs will speak there languages if you click an object. For example, if you click "blue" Wèi would say 藍 (Lán in romeiji word), then Lingo repeats there word to him. If it's finished, you used to take a picture and entered you're name.

Characters Edit


  • The Lingo Song
  • Wèi has a slightly different tone of voice in the game. His voice of the game was unknown.
  • The Lingo Song is a modified version of the theme song.