Country Wales
First Appearance Big Bug Show (game)
Chop Chop (episode)
Gender Female
Likes Flowers
Dislikes/Hates Lingo's comedy act
Voice by Elen Rhys

I speak Welsh and I come from Wales!

Blodwen is a Welsh bug and the fifth character in The Lingo Show who first appeared in Chop Chop. But has major appearance in The Swingo Show.


Blodwen is a cute green caterpillar without arms and legs. She is very fluffy, and her massive fluff covers her antennae. She also wears a pink hat. Her size is big, similar to Lingo, and has a yellow daffodil on her hat.


  • Meaning of name: It comes from a Welsh root meaning "flower" combined with the word "gwen" meaning "white," "fair," "pure," or "smile".
  • Favorite colour: Gwyrdd - Green
  • Favorite food: Tatws or Taten - Potato
  • Hello: Helo


  • She is the only bug who doesn't show her antenna.
    • However, she shows her antenna when she or Lingo asks the audience to wave their hands above their heads and when she pushes the button to showcase her top three shows.
  • She is the third bug to have a hat, the first is Lingo and the second was Wèi.
  • Her name is a pretty important one as it is also the name of the first ever opera in the Welsh language.
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