Bug Buddies
Too lazy to see any kinds of childrens
They are many differnts of childrens.
Country England
First Appearance Chop Chop
Gender Vires
Likes Watching the Big Bug Show
Dislikes/Hates When the bug's performance failed
Voice by The're actually own voices..

The Bug Buddies are the characters in The Lingo Show


Bug Buddies are children bellow 3 to 7 years old. However, they can join with there own parents and teenagers to watch Lingo's Big Bug Show.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Many different thought..


  • The Bug Biddies are the only characters that they are not bugs.
    • They are mostly humans.

Main Character


Neutral Characters

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Other Characters

Bloozles , Floozles , Bug Buddies , Spider

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