Chop Chop
CC 4
Season One
Episode Number 1
Premire Date March 12, 2012
Next Episode Wèi's Giant Jump
Preview Episode None
Writer by Adam Redfern

Chop Chop is the first episode of the season 1 of The Lingo Show.


In the beginning, Lingo and Bloozles try to balance, but fall on the ground. When Lingo gets a call from his Bug Buddies, they choose Wèi to put on a Big Bug Show.

Chinese bug Wèi wants to put on a bug-tastic chopping act for the Big Bug Show, so Lingo sends him off find what he needs at the restaurant and Chinese shop. But what will Wèi find to chop? And what Mandarin words will he use along the way?


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  • The title is a reference to the phrase "chop chop" meaning to do something quickly.
    • It's also the name of the signature meal at Chicken Kitchen, a restaurant chain in the southern United States.
  • This episode is similar to the Shopkins episode of the same name.



The Lingo Show - Series 1 Episode 1 - Chop Chop

The Lingo Show - Series 1 Episode 1 - Chop Chop