Foozles image
Country Portugal
First Appearance Chop Chop
Gender Female
Likes Performing the bugs
Dislikes/Hates TBA
Voice by Unknown

The Foozles are very quiet but they can help Lingo, along with the Bloozles.


The Floozels are mostly Portugese part light bug/part mosquito-like bugs that are really silent, and they help Lingo to carry his things. They are the minior characters in the Lingo Show.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Some of the Floozles are fully pink while the others are yellow and blue. Their eyes are bigger, their mouths are similar to straws and they have long wings.


  • Unlike Kikli, the Foozles are carpetber bees.
  • Like the Bloozles and Spider, they do not speak as well.

Main Character


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Other Characters

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