Pakistan is where I'm from, my name Jaadoo means magic!

Jaadoo (جادو) is an Urdu-speaking bug and the sixth character in The Lingo Show, He is a Pakistani bug who has appeared first in Chop Chop. But has major appearance in Jaadoo's Obstacle Spectacle



Jaadoo is a green and white striped bug, riding his yellow unicycle. He has four small arms, and is a bit fat. His unicycle is all yellow.


He can ride his unicycle, juggle, and play the Pakistani sport called cricket (which is very similar to baseball but with a flat bat).


  • Meaning of name: Magic
  • Favorite colour: ہرا (Haraa) - Green
  • Favorite food: کیلا (Kelaa) - Banana
  • Hello: اسلام و علیکم (Assalam-o-Alekum)


  • He is the second bug to have a tool, the first is Queso and the third being Kikli.
  • Like Kikli, he's doing to make the magic.


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