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Lieb is a German-speaking tick and the fourth character in The Lingo Show who appeared first in A Lieb of Faith.


Physical Appearance

Lieb is a tick who is a fitness enthusiast. She is orange with pink glow antennae on white stalks. She wears a white leotard and wristbands with the German flag on it. 


She can jump, back-flip and run. Her antennae can also grow longer when she does a back flip. She also uses her antennae like jump ropes.


  • Meaning of name: Sweet or dear
  • Favorite colour: Rot - Red
  • Favorite food: Die Wurst - Sausage
  • Hello: Hallo


  • She is the first bug to have wristbands, the second is Kikli.
  • Lieb is the only bug who did not appear until the first episode of season 2.
  • So far, she's the only bug to wear her country's flag.


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