Lingo vector
Country England
First Appearance Big Bug Show(game)
Chop Chop (episode)
Gender Male
Likes Performing the show
Different language
Dislikes/Hates Being embarrassed by comedy acts
Voice by Marc Silk

Lingo is the only one main character to appear in every episode of The Lingo Show who appeared first in Chop Chop.


Lingo is an English cockroach who hosts the Big Bug Shows. He is in charge of bringing his Big Bug Stage across the world to host shows and often has wild ambitions as to what they could entail.


  • Along with Wèi, he starred in the first episode in the Lingo Show.
  • His bow tie spins all the way around.
  • He can speak all of the languages the other characters speak.
  • His name is a word meaning "the special language used for a particular activity or by a particular group of people" or "a foreign language".
    • It is a slang term.
  • He always acts comedic and has very cheesy acts, like Magnifo from Mixels.
  • Marc Silk uses the same voice for Lingo as he did for the character "Pi" on "Boblins", a short-lived "CITV" cartoon.
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