Queso transparent
Country Spain
First Appearance Chop Chop
Gender Male
Likes His own guitar
Eating honey from Kikli
Dislikes/Hates Wei stealing his guitar
Kikli stinging him
Voiced by Fran Canals

With my guitar, I steal the show!

Queso is a Spanish bug and the third character in The Lingo Show who has appeared first in Chop Chop and his major appearance in Strong Bug.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Queso is a cockroach with swirly antenna. His body is all orange, except his wings. He has a yellow guitar to carry, and his wings are purple.


He can dance and play his guitar in the show. He also makes a pretty good clown, and he's also really strong!


  • Meaning of name: Cheese
  • Favorite color: Naranja - Orange
  • Favorite food: Queso - Cheese
  • Hello: ¡Hola!


  • He is the first bug have a tool/weapon. The second is Jaadoo and the third is Kikli.
  • He is never seen without his guitar and is a skilled guitarist.
  • According to MemzLover378348, he is scared of Wei stealing his guitar.
  • Deervak is his best friend.
  • He too, thought Wèi's real name was Jeff. No wonder him and Deervak are evil!
  • According to A FANDOM USER, he steals honey from Kikli.
  • He hates Keco because he often gets confused with her. Deervak does too, because she is part of the Ant Clan (for being an ant). She says the Ant Clan is stupid and all the members' real names are Jeff, which they are not.


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