"Somalia is the best, there's some lovely food!"
Subah Transport
Somalia's the best!
Country Somalia
First Appearance Chop Chop
Gender Female
Likes Wei, according to MemzLover378348
Dislikes/Hates Queso and Deervak being annoying
Voiced by Thomas (TomSka) Ridgewell, according to MemzLover378348

Subah is a Somali-speaking snail and the ninth and final character in The Lingo Show who has minor appearance in Chop Chop, but in one part, according to MemzLover378348, she catches Wei when he falls from a fan and kisses him. She, along with Dyzio and Kikli, are the only bugs that don't have their major roles. Her major appearances are often seen with Wei.


Subah is a green snail with a fabulous shell which has polka dots and is shiny bluish-purple. She has six arms, and the shell covers her legs. She also has glow antenna.


  • Meaning of name: Morning
  • Favorite colour: Dugul - Purple
  • Favorite food: Baasto - Spaghetti
  • Hello: Haye


  • She is the only one who lives in the continent of Africa.
  • According to MemzLover378348, Wei has a crush on her.
  • According to MemzLover378348, she is voiced by Thomas (TomSka) Ridgewell.
  • She has a dyslexic sister, Dinah.
  • She sounds exactly like Magnet from DHMIS.

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