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General Information

Title: The Lingo Show
Original Network: CBeebies
Original Run: March 12, 2012 – present
Description: The Lingo Show is a British flash animated children's television series created by Nicole Seymour, produced by the BBC and animated by Dinamo Productions for BBC's CBeebies channel and programming block. The characters and many other elements were designed by Kate Sullivan. The show, which combines flash animation with live action footage, is designed to introduce pre-school children to new languages.

The Lingo Show was originally created as an interactive flash minisite by CBeebies web producer Nicole Seymour, which launched in February 2011. The site features various activities which teach children new words in numerous languages; with the website periodically updated to include new languages. The site proved popular and in June that year, it was decided to bring the series to television format, with Dinamo Productions doing animation.

Main Characters: Lingo

Content Information

Rating: TV-Y
Similar Shows: The Amazing World of Gumball(due to the hybrid of live action and animation)
Hetalia (anime) (due to the around the world theme
Content Labels: Children's TV show

Plot Edit

This TV show teaches young children languages via the use of adorable cartoon bugs who enter the live-action world and introduce the audience to foreign words.

A typical episode starts at the circus with Lingo engaged into a (comical) activity, when suddenly a sound alarm goes off: the "bug buzzer" sounds! Lingo hurries to a television screen, on which some (real) children appear. Lingo is happy with his new "bug buddies" and asks them whether they want a "big bug show". Needless to say they would love to see that.

All of the performers appear on screen. The children have a button (red with black dots, resembling a ladybird), which they push. Spotlights flash all over the bugs, finally stopping on one of them. This bug will perform in today's show. He/she introduces himself/herself in a short song.

Lingo shouts "Up, up, up we go, to bring our friends a big bug show!" and the circus takes off indeed, only to land next to the children. Lingo shouts "Open up the big bug stage!" and the circus opens. Then, Lingo asks his star-for-today which act he shall perform. The bug tells Lingo about his act, prompting Lingo to imagine a vision of a great performance. However, the performer brings Lingo back to earth by telling Lingo he needs two props to perform his act. So Lingo sends the artist out on a mission to find his props. Encouraged by children's voices, the bug flies/goes off. This marks the start of the actual vocabulary lesson.

The bug finds three objects which could possibly be used in the show. He names the objects in his language and asks the viewers to repeat the name after him (with some help from the children's voices). Aided by the children's voices, he selects the best object (or, sometimes, the best colour). He then tells the viewers "Wave your hands above your head, like my antennae!" and with this, the object is teleported to the circus. The search for the second prop takes place in the same way.

Once both props are at the circus, the big bug show can finally start! Lingo sings "We're ready for the show" and announces the show with "Ladies and gentlebugs, bugs and girls!". The children quickly come to the circus, and today's performer brings his act. The children applaud while Lingo thanks them. Both props are then teleported back to where they came from, and the circus can take off again... to another destination, and another big bug show.

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