Nǐ hǎo, my name is Wèi.


Wei transparent
Ni hao! My name is Wèi.
Country China
First Appearance Chop Chop
Gender Male
Likes Skating
Chopping things with his bare hands
Chasing Bloozles
Subah, according to MemzLover378348
Dislikes/Hates Being sick
Heights (Allergy, not fear), according to MemzLover378348
Dogs (Allergic), according to MemzLover378348
Squirrels (Allergy)
The Smelly Squad
Voiced by Lin Lin

Wèi (卫) is a Mandarin, Chinese-speaking bug and the first character in The Lingo Show who has appeared first in Chop Chop.

He reappears in Trapeasy Queasy.


Wei is daring, energetic, and always looking for something fun and exciting to do in the Big Bug Shows.

Physical Appearance Edit

Wei is an ant with a crash helmet. His favorite color is blue. His body has red-yellow stripes, and has a Chinese character in the middle of a helmet, and he wears four roller skates. When his helmet is off, he has black Rapunzel-length hair that he often styles into a braid. His eyes are revealed to be crimson.

Ability Edit

He can skate, and chop things with his bare hands. He can be electrified and his roller skates can help him to go very fast and go after Spaestro and Jãolita.


  • Name Meaning: to defend; to protect; health/guard
  • Favorite saying: 你好 (Nǐ hǎo) - Hello
  • Favorite colour: 蓝色 (Lán sè) - Blue
  • Favorite food: 果汁 (Guǒzhī) - Juice
  • Hello: 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)


  • Along with Lingo, He is in the first episode in The Lingo Show.
  • He is the second bug to wear something on his head, with the first being Lingo, the third being Blodwen, and the fourth being all the other ants excluding Manchigge and Sargonaise (most of the time).
  • Although he can electrify himself, He doesn't electrify on his own in every episode.
  • The Chinese character on his helmet is not his name. The correct Chinese character for his name is 卫.
    • His helmet Chinese character, 虫, is pronounced "chong" and it means insect, referring to Wèi's species.
  • In the online game, you will notice that his voice has a harsher and less soft tone than in the TV show.
  • In the TV show, he has a soft tone in his voice.
  • According to MemzLover378348, he has a crush on Subah.
  • According to MemzLover378348, he has a weak stomach and can be easily sickened.
  • According to MemzLover378348, he is the creator of Salvo (a slime clone that somewhat resembles Molten Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's) and Gengo (Lingo's genderbend).
  • According to MemzLover378348, he has four siblings. Mèi, LèiLèi, Lin, and Tian.
  • According to MemzLover378348, he often schemes to steal Queso's guitar.
  • When his helmet is off, he has gorgeous long black hair.
  • He dressed Gengo up as Genghis Khan, giving her the nickname "Gengohs Khan".
  • He often wears dresses, strangely. His favorite is the purple and poofy dress that some of the Bloozles wear.
  • In Trapeasy Queasy, he does the same act from Trapeasy Rider.
  • He is friends with Kazotski.
  • He too, is a foodie, just like Basar.
  • According to Deervak, his real name is Jeff, when in reality, his real name is Wèi Shîng Ciáobèiyu.
  • According to MemzLover378348, he sometimes eats Kikli's honey.
  • Surprisingly, he sometimes eats other bugs and sometimes people, making him a predator.
  • As well as being a predator, he is also prey, because he eats himself sometimes.
  • He and Basar happen to love Keco's cooking.
    • That's because they both are foodies.
  • He ate Lingo and got sick with a stomachache and projectile vomiting in the short, "Oh, No! I Think I Ate Lingo!".


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